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In Memoriam

Donna "DeeDee - Kiwi" Schurman

Empowered by Joy, and inspired by the love of Family and Friends, Donna embraced life with her contagious and positive spirit.“DeeDee Kiwi” crossed her final finish line on May 4, 2017, at age 58.  When challenged the most, Donna commented on her life’s philosophy thus: “I know I can’t change my circumstances, but I have choices... and I choose Happiness... to find the Good in my Journey... and to Just Keep Going.”

Mary Linda Leftwich

October 14, 1952 - December 5, 2010

Mary Linda was a very sweet lady, always thinking of others and rarely herself. She took her financial adviser job very seriously and cared for her clients very well, treating them as friends. She was a huge supporter of the arts, especially the theater. She did make-up for theater companies in Richmond and shared her love of the stage with all who knew her.
Mary Fender

Anne Cowdrey

July 10, 1945 - April 17, 2010
NEW Past President: 1999/2000


Diana Jordan Thompson

September 2, 1949 - December 20, 2009
Truly a real professional who will be greatly missed.
Joanne Cash

I only knew Diana for a few years, but she had a huge impact on my life. I will always admire her everlasting optimism…no matter what was going on in her life. She was and still is a true inspiration to me. Thank you Diana!
René Haines


Sue Dunfee
June 17, 1951-December 24, 2018

“If your clothes are not becoming to you ... you should be coming to Sue!”
These were the words of Sue’s 30 second elevator pitch that I heard for many years at N.E.W. It made me grin when I heard it the first time and today, I reflect on the number of other ways in which Sue made our lives a bit more “becoming”. -Stella Capocelli-Carter